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On Halloween, our very own Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

On Halloween, our very own Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

It says something that a player can have received so much criticism and yet still be nominated for the club's Player of the Month award. 

But that's Paul Pogba. He is both our best player and our worst. Everything good we do as a team usually begins with him, whilst everything bad we do tends to involve him. 

Take the last game against Everton. Utterly ridiculous run up to take a penalty (prompting hilarious ribbing on Twitter from Luke Shaw) and sublime passing to Martial on several occasions, including for his goal.

When he's playing the role of Dr Jekyll there are few who can touch him and you can see why he was a vital part of the French World Cup winning side. But when he's got his Mr Hyde head on...well, don't know about you, but I want him benched, sold, ANYTHING to get him out of our team.

Pogba polarises opinion. There are many, MANY staunch supporters of the Frenchman on social media, unable to accept he does anything wrong and leaping to vociferous defence of their man whenever criticism is aimed his way. On the flip side, there are almost as many people willing to launch into poisonous, hateful tirades every time he misplaces a pass or slips a bit. 

While us fans get frustrated by Pogba's frequent transitions from the ridiculous to the sublime, can you imagine how Mourinho feels? He knows he's got one of the best in his ranks, a potential match winner on any given day, yet he also knows playing him is a risk. It's got to be a nightmare whenever he has a team sheet to fill out.

I'm not sure where I stand on Pogba right now. At times he's a joy to watch but MORE often he makes my blood boil. Yet I can't honestly say I want him replaced. He's just TOO good to let go. No player in my time watching United has made me feel as divided as Paul Labille Pogba. 

So as we head into the Halloween weekend and an away game against Bournemouth I'm appropriately terrified of another horror show from Mr Hyde. While secretly hoping Dr Jekyll is the one who shows up.