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"United Are The Team For Me"

  • Posted by TShirtsUnited
  • Posted on 8th May 2021
"United Are The Team For Me"

"I hope we shall never sacrifice our sporting principles on the altar of big business. We must prevent a football club ever being run like a supermarket with profit the only real motive. The fear is that the big business of soccer will dwarf the sport." So prophesied Sir Matt Busby in 1970, in a quote which rings entirely true today. We have four more new t-shirt designs online this weekend, alongside that Busby quote. We have two stylised images of protest in front of the holy trinity, a Glazer-esque parody of the stop Coronavirus messaging, and, in a break from the green and gold, a young girl on a swing who simply knows that, despite everything, "United are the team for me". Amen to that. UTFR.