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Who The Hell's George? New T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

  • Posted by Vasco Wackrill
  • Posted on 18th September 2018
Who The Hell's George? New T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Following his heroics last weekend we felt the time was right to pay tribute to SuperDavid: the gloved superhero always ready to dive in and save the day! Tributes this week are also being paid to Bestie, with our version of a t-shirt that the man himself made famous, and the New York Reds (in a kind of "New York Dolls" mash-up). We round up our new quintet with a couple of red, white and black versions of the famous John Squire lemon: yours in either single or treble format.

And you can also now wrap up for winter with TShirtsUnited: we are delighted to announce that most of our 100% unofficial MUFC designs are now available to buy as sweatshirts. You can get them in red, black and ash and they are priced from just £24.99 and come in sizes up to XXL.

Keep on keepin' on,