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Where the f*ck do we go from here?

Where the f*ck do we go from here?

The most surprising thing about today's news is that Woodward and the board had the balls to sack Mourinho at this stage of the season.

But when you look a bit deeper you can see it smacks of the usual incompetence. Heading into the busy Christmas replacement of any kind lined up...Carrick appointed first team manager until a "new temporary manager" is appointed...yep, that's got Woodward's money-grabbing claws all over it. 

Before I look to the future I'd like to put on record that I don't think Mourinho's reign was a total disaster. He won the only trophy we'd never won. He guided us to our highest finish since Fergie retired. And he...erm...well, no, that's it to be honest. 

So while I'm not surprised to see him go, nor particularly disappointed, I'm not going to be dancing a jig down Sir Matt Busby Way in celebration either. Because he was not our only, or biggest, problem. 

The people at the top are our biggest problem. By far. But this is not a post about that. This is a post about football, specifically the immediate and long term future of the team and manager situation. 

We already know Carrick will take charge until a new man is found from outside the club to see us through to the end of the season. A man, apparently, "steeped in the history of the club" - but also from outside it. 

Ok, that narrows it down a bit. And it rules out Sir Alex, which for me is a good thing. While I would LOVE to have a fit and healthy Ferguson take the helm, he simply isn't that. He's an old man who has suffered a serious illness in the not to distant past. He doesn't need to risk his health - or his legacy - by trying to whip our current squad into a team.

Which leaves us with a variety of ex-Reds, some with managerial experience (Hughes, Bruce, Solskjaer, Giggs, Keane) and some without (Cantona, Evra). None of these seem like good choices though one or two would no doubt be popular. A more sensible choice would be Laurent Blanc. At the end of the day, though, it doesn't really matter.

This season, for Manchester United, is over. All that is left to do is to play some attractive, attacking football, win a few games and see where we end up. The players will no doubt be feeling a bit better about things. They'd lost all confidence in José and were playing with their heads down for the most part. So maybe they'll start putting a shift in for a new man.

It's the longer term future that really matters though - who will be our manager when the 2019/20 season kicks off is vital.

There are, currently, only two realistic names (and one not very realistic at all). Zidane and Pochettino are the realistic options. 

Zidane, after winning so much with Madrid, is an obvious name. Questions remain about whether or not he could do it without Real's array of stars, but he can only answer those questions by trying it. Pochettino is young, ambitious and has moulded Spurs into a team that is almost there. There is much to be admired about his style and style of play. 

The club, I'm sure, prefer Poch. IF he can be prised from away from White Hart Lane (or Wembley at the moment) he'd be viewed as a long term appointment in the Ferguson mould . Zidane will be less desirable but probably easier to get and is unlikely to stay beyond three seasons in my opinion.

Here's who I'd go for. Pep Guardiola. 

Two VERY good reasons for doing so. First off, he's a top manager and coach and would be the likeliest man to put us back on top. Second, can you imagine the uproar amongst the City lot if United even made an approach for him, let alone pulled it off? Seriously, it'd be worth it just for that. 

However, it's likely to be one of Poch or Zinedine - in which case my money is on Poch. Outside of those two, I can only think of Diego Simeone (too defensive) or Eddie Howe (too inexperienced for a long term role?) as potential candidates. 

But before a new manager is even considered, decision making on the football side HAS to be taken out of Ed Woodward's hands. It HAS to be. The appointment of a Director of Football is now an absolute must. 

Woodward has shown complete and total incompetence with every footballing decision he has made. From allowing Fergie to hand pick his successor, to the appointments of LVG and José to the way he's gone about getting rid of all three. 

While our next manager has to be chosen carefully, it's WHO does the choosing that is more important. 

But it's this appointment where I draw a blank. Without blowing my own trumpet, if I can't think of a decent Director of Football I'm damn sure Woodward can't. 

So I ask again...where the f*ck do we go from here?!