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Mourinho to face punishment for sitting still

  • Posted by TShirtsUnited
  • Posted on 22nd October 2018
Mourinho to face punishment for sitting still

José Mourinho is set to face FA punishment after his disgraceful behaviour at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Having just watched his team concede a late equaliser, the United boss sat impassively on the bench.

The United manager was antagonised by Chelsea backroom staff member Marco Ianni with wild celebrations as he did so, eventually leaping to his feet to express his dislike of Ianni's actions.

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea and Ianni himself have admitted they were in the wrong and have apologised, but the FA are taking a dim view of Mourinho's actions before the touchline scuffle began, describing his lack of emotion as "unacceptable in the modern game".

This is Mourinho's second transgression in a matter of weeks after he was caught speaking in his native tongue of Portuguese after the club's win over Newcastle. Displaying all the xenophobic qualities the FA have become famous for, the governing body have already charged him, giving Mourinho until Wednesday to offer some sort of defence for the crime.

Mourinho is likely to face a hefty fine and possibly be banished from the touchline for a number of games after flaunting the rules once too often - twice in fact - this season. 

There is likely to be little sympathy for the Portuguese though, with many believing he's brought it on himself by choosing to manage Manchester United.