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Juventus Away: Special

Juventus Away: Special

To matters at hand. Namely, Juventus. Big game on Wednesday. Personally, I love playing against Juve. Even if they give us a right footballing lesson like they did at OT, it's Juventus...few bigger games in the world.

I remember the game in 1999 more clearly than any other from that season - or any season if I'm honest.

I was on holiday in Spain, watched it in a bar that had become our local. The locals were on our side, the bar staff were on our side, the other English people in the bar - supporters of Newcastle, Spurs and Arsenal as I recall - were on our side. One City fan who wasn't. As ever and quite rightly.

11 minutes in and the place was in despair. Then Keane scored. And suddenly everyone - INCLUDING the city fan - thought we were in with a shout.

When Yorke scored and we were ahead on the away goals rule all I wanted was for us to defend it.

Instead United went out in the second half and, inspired by Roy Keane and the most immense midfield performance I have ever seen, out-played, out-fought, out-thought one of the best teams on the planet at the time.

When Cole scored with five minutes to go the place erupted. We were going to the European Cup final.

The fucking European Cup final. In my lifetime.

The party went on until well into the next day. Even the City fan stayed, if only to get royally pissed and tell us repeatedly we'd get battered in the final. Oh, how I wish I'd got his contact details...

Relive's just fantastic.

Goosebumps, right?

Enjoy your trip to Turin, those that are going.